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September 25, 2013
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Lex Ferenda :: Adriel Macrae by KDeto Lex Ferenda :: Adriel Macrae by KDeto

Adriel B. Macrae

16 [6th year, will turn 17 during the year]


November 19th

192cm / 96 kg

Common Mouse
Cunning, quiet, confident, meddlesome.

Cedar, Dragon heartstring, 13 inches, rigid

Cave Inimicum – May warn caster of approaching enemies.
Episkey – Minor healing spell.
Incarcerous – Binds the target with ropes or chains.
Duro - Makes the object become hard.
Taboo - A jinx which may be placed upon a word or a name, so that whenever that word is spoken, a magical disturbance is created that alerts the caster of the Taboo to the location of the speaker.
Impedimenta -capable of tripping, freezing, binding, knocking back and generally impeding the target's progress towards the caster. When powerful enough, it can blow the target away.
Bedazzling Hex - used to conceal a person or an object. Also used to make invisibility cloaks.
Confringo - Causes anything that the spell meets to explode in flames.

Alchemy, Care of Magical Creatures, Ghoul Studies, Music

› Adriel In A Nutshell
For those who just want a quick read of what this lad's like.

Someone who may come off as withdrawn at first glance; after initial contact he is nothing but smiles, and is somewhat of a dopey teddy bear. Easy going Irishman from a fishing village with towering stature and mild mannerisms. He doesn't take sides in most disagreements, even between friends; lacks initiative to reach out into problems he's not involved with, unless it can be solved with what he already has - stubborn in his neutrality and gives half-baked opinions when pressured into answers. Unafraid of toil but will need substantial reason for it. Needs direction from others with pragmatic foundation. Equally weak to pathos and logos, moderately lacking in ethos. Unconcerned with social divides, may be inappropriately casual at times, though hardly ever rude. Similarly not too hindered by things like rules, though not seeking of trouble by any stretch of the imagination. Apathetic in the face of passionate debate if similar passion is not put forth in defense of his own opinion; flippantly accepts things to the point of apparent shallow uncaring. A passive-aggressive style of dislike, deep and tenaciously grudging if bothered enough - not active in his malevolent pursuits but can be insidious in nature. Enjoys putting others in a higher standing than himself through verbal/physical cues and feigned obliviousness. Don't believe his superficially gullible actions. Not so great with finer magic, excels in transfiguration and alchemy.

}}Playlist Here{{

Aimless, Hardworking, Disorganized, Vague, Overly Accepting, Cultured, Frugal, Loyal, Tenacious, Sedentary, Possessive

Aimless – until he has a purpose he’s practically useless. This is probably very frustrating to most, especially to those who have a great sense of motivation and purpose even if there is no set task. But when he’s set to work, he is going to work like there’s no tomorrow.

Hardworking – As mentioned above, once he has direction, he’ll continue to work even if his hands are raw and bare. This drive is especially strong if any of his kin are involved.

Disorganized – Everything is everywhere and nothing is ever where it should be. He’s prone to losing things and often may need to look over someone’s shoulder in class pertaining to textbooks. This trait doesn’t fail to show itself in more dire situations as well, making it a rather big disadvantage and weakness for him and for any others that may need to work in conjunction with him.

Vague – If details don’t need to be revealed, they won’t be offered. Of course if asked he has no problem giving more information; he’s not secretive. It might be a bit annoying though as one may have to continue pressing with questions.

Overly Accepting – Forgoing being open-minded, Adriel is almost flippantly accepting and uncritical of others. As long as it does not break his loyalty with his kin, he may accept even a criminal as an ally if the situation calls for it. Though stubborn for his own personal set of beliefs, any others presented are met with a shrug and a “whatever floats your boat.” This can come off as a lack of morality or pride to some, especially so in certain contexts.

Unbiased – Stemming from his ridiculously accepting nature, Adriel holds little bias pertaining to the different social classes. Anyone and everyone is accepted regardless of past or future in the now, as long as they are not actively causing harm to him or his friends and other such kin.

Frugal – Despite his economically unrestrained upbringing, he is strict with the expenditure of his own possessions, especially if it is monetary. This doesn’t mean he is stingy or withholding of supplies to himself or others, and nor is he materialistic, but he puts more forethought than most might when considering the purchase or use of something expendable.

Loyal – an almost incomprehensible sense of loyalty lies within Adriel. Though true trust is hard to earn from this hufflepuff, it is surely a enduring asset to any witch or wizard to have it. He lays no personal responsibility on the pettier things that may require loyalty however, such as taking sides in an argument or voicing his own opinions in a conflict between two allies. He is action-oriented and verbal reassurance is surely not his forte – but you will know when you have his allegiance, for it is fierce and unrelenting in the face of peril and hopelessness. It is also (unfortunately) deeply manifested in his not-so-favorable habits which are excruciatingly omnipresent. No textbook shall be left un-lost.

Idealistic – though only to a minor degree, he holds a few beliefs close to his heart. His lack of motivation to change or criticize others however inhibits any sort of influence such a character trait may have, making it rather exclusively local to him only.

Tenacious – An aspect of Adriel not often seen, once an individual breaks beyond his broad forgiving and uncritical nature, an iron wall of absolute detachment stands. What few grudges he may hold are tenacious, deep, and often insidiously malevolent. Though he is not active in such pursuits, it is ever present and unchanging once such bias has been established. One could say it is one form of his relentless loyalty, where connotations are negative.

Sedentary – Just as his loyalties remain firmly in place, Adriel too prefers life as a slowly changing environment. Abrupt changes and surprises can make him uncomfortable, accentuating his stubborn attachment to what principles he may have, a sort of security-blanket/defense mechanism. In some extreme cases he may even become pharisaical with a skewed sense of self-righteousness, a dangerous mode of thought in certain situations.

Possessive - Though to varying degrees, Adriel has a side of him that is quite possessive, especially so in the light of romantic relationships.

When alone, Adriel seldom smiles unless he has a reason to; paired with his towering height and stoic expression, he may come off rather intimidating. Once someone starts to interact with him however, he is almost always nothing but smiles and gentle gestures. He often takes things for their practical value and is not too concerned with the aesthetic aspect of an item – this goes for people as well, thus proving a tough adversary for those who prefer to use any “visual charm.” Though sporadically so,Adriel tends to seek physical affection with his peers, often through crushing hugs or generally chilling close by. At times of emotional distress or strain, he has a habit of biting his knuckles.

Beyond the fog-lined morning docks of Summer Cove lies the town of Kinsale, a once trading-town now a quaint municipality of historical buildings and tradition. Still retaining its fishing and trade-port customs, it is a hub of fishing as well as a destination for yacht enthusiasts. A veteran fisherman might be seen sipping his cup of black coffee at an aged oak counter, only sweet to the equally aged madam who has been serving his coffee for the past 30 years with the same brew, same smile. Despite its title of “town”, its old cobblestone streets retain their melancholy air as they mesh into newer asphalt and the modernized civilization ahead, though it only opens way for modernity grudgingly. This is where Adriel Brownell Macrae was born, in the general hospital of Kinsale to muggles Teresa and Cymon Macrae. A child bestowed later in his parents’ married years, attention was seldom lacking – his sister Sylvia was 16 years his senior, and took joy in taking care of her new younger brother. Their family is wealthy from both business and inheritance, with rich historical ancestry that had long remained in the area – despite their status however the Macrae family is characteristically modest and generous; in previous generations, their family had made contributions in times of economic downfall. The hufflepuff grew up in a pampered but well-informed environment, where selflessness and an open-minded attitude were encouraged. He was spoiled in a sense, but spankings were punctually issued when needed, and his sister made sure he behaved well (especially so in the presence of guests). Generally speaking he was textbook Macrae, though some traits pronounced themselves to an extreme degree, especially his unbiased view of people. Often he would bring complete strangers to the mansion, some whose intentions were less than noble, though others were sincerely grateful of the help. Brought on by such gullible belief in people, Adriel endured several unfortunate incidences, some of which would make most reconsider one’s good faith in people; his altruistic nature still persists, though genuine trust became hard to bestow.

Though such extremes of the trait were often looked upon with disdain by her less-liberal sister Sylvia (still a giving person herself compared to most), the two siblings’ relationship can best be described as a mixture of tough love and mutual loyalty. They can communicate to each other with just a word or phrase in most circumstances, and are the first to correct and discipline the other when mistakes are made. Because of her influences and the fact that Adriel often found himself in the presence of people who were older than he, it enabled him to have a more mature mindset from an early age. This however was one of the reasons he found himself to be the at the brunt of ridicule from his peers whom regarded him as weird. Some indirectly related family members too criticized that children should stay as children for as long as they could- Such a phrase mildly implements itself on his views, and often leads to a softer-hearted approach to those younger than himself, as well as children in general. Despite such memories possibly negatively affecting Adriel, Sylvia’s presence helped him through it without much collateral damage- his lax nature also lessened any friction between what he was expected to do and what he actually did. 

Due to the fact that his sister too is a muggle-born witch, his easing into the magic world was less of a shock than what may have been if he were the only magic-endowed being in the family. Though reluctant at first, he took on the role of a wizard with much enthusiasm after hearing that Sylvia too had such gifts, as she was a role-model and inspiration to him. Admittedly he was not the most naturally inclined to the art of witchcraft and wizardry, and his first year at the magical school was nothing short of constant struggle and toil. He still feels a quiet sense of shame in that he cannot do as well as his older sister can, though it is something he has never voiced before and keeps strictly to himself. He continues his arduous career as a wizard, slowly learning to enjoy and make do with the consistent challenge it provides him.

Never much of a social butterfly, Adriel formed a small group of friends through his first 5 years of schooling at Hogwarts. Adriel’s enemies are few, though his allies too are scarce. Amiability can only get one so far in social relationships, and he lacks the initiative to actually reach out to people if they are not in need of something. He found himself to prefer defensive magic over offensive spells, and excelled accordingly in subjects that were oriented to healing and transfiguration. Charms and other subjects that require abstract thinking are hardly his specialty, and his large frame seems to shrink in the back of the classroom where such skill is required. During school breaks he often returns to Kinsale to work at the fishing docs, lifting heavy crates of the day's catch and helping out in their selling.
During his 3rd year of schooling, the letters from his already graduated sister stopped abruptly. His worry only grew once word came that the rest of his family too did not know her whereabouts – that was when Adriel began to disappear during the middle of some nights; where he went, only he knew. Despite his friends’ protest he continued to vanish periodically for the next two years, continuing into the present day.
Though an affable individual, he regards recent disturbances in the magical world with a worried glint in his eye.

Some side stories, that are really just ramblings and are not at all important...but available for reading nonetheless.Mediocre writing ahoy, and most of these are on a whim hahahahahaha
[ Bad Luck] [Good Night]
+ Reading, watching Quidditch, friends, family, rain, fog, coastal scenes, working.
- Persistently pessimistic attitudes, losing touch with friends/family

+ Accepting, care of plants and animals, grasping of concepts if deemed pragmatic, physical durability and strength, mentally steadfast.
- Accepting, theoretical and abstract concepts, overly contextualizes situations making it hard for him to make decisions, seldom voices his opinion even if he knows he's right (on a factual basis).

Teresa Macrae - Biological mother, currently age 54. Brown,peppered mid-length wavy hair, green eyes, tall but well-built. Vibrant and optimistic, generous, youthful. Can be somewhat dismissive of the pompous types.
Cymon Macrae - Biological father, currently age 58. Black, short peppered hair, brown eyes, tall and lean.Calm and thoughtful, patient, diplomatic. Reserved in his expressions of affection and sometimes withdrawn.
Sylvia Macrae - Bilogical sister, currently age 32. Brown, straight hair, brown eyes, tall and slender. Youthful and patient, strict, blunt. Current whereabouts are unknown after disappearing 2 years ago. Gifted in herbology and charm magic.

Currently none.

- For some reason he's fond of wearing quite a few layers of clothing. It's very rare to see much skin bare.
- He's not quite adept at "finer" magic, but concerning transfiguration he is able to grasp the concept quite well as he applies it in a practical mindset. His worst subject is charms.
- Subtly possessive if he really likes the person, even if they're just a friend. He'll sometimes tug their sleeve when they try to leave, then pretend he never did it, block someone's line of view as if to shield his acquaintance, etc.
- Though he's not violent, he's not a pacifist either. Watch out for him in a physical fight, if you even manage to get into a fight with him in the first place. He prefers to sit on most opponents until they get tired anyway.
- Heterochromic - left eye is green, right eye is auburn. He doesn't particularly like or dislike the trait,
- Plays the cello in music class.

Google Docs, Notes (and Skype, though preferably only after a few rounds of rps!)
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