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May 27, 2013
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Immer Sie : Rinnosuke by KDeto Immer Sie : Rinnosuke by KDeto
Ohh it has been heart attacks so far...//deep breaths

C h a r a c t e r

Name: Shibagaki Rinnosuke, "Rin" for short

Age: 21

Height: 187 cm

Blood Type: O

Birthday: May 20th

Star Sign: Gemini

Allmate: "Sid" the three-toed sloth (Rank I )

team: g e m I n I <<need to register if accepted bahhh >>
    M e m b e r s

  1. Rinnosuke x Sid

  2. Chord x Montgomery

  3. Nikita x Sam

  4. Luc x Poyu

<< gemInI is an open team! Note us if you're interested in joining. c': >>

C h a r a c t e r . H i s t o r y

"Rin, you're not very good at anything."
Rinnosuke's younger sister passively said as the two lay upon a patch of grass, looking up at the sliver of sky visible beyond the crowded buildings. The two were natives of the main land, and the Cloud 5 project seemed a mere abstraction - except they were soon to move nearby one of the districts. Rin shrugged, half in agreement. Lazy, unskilled, clumsy; they were familiar adjectives to him. He didn't really disagree, either. Rin continued to look up at the sky, wondering just what the move would have in store for him.

Ten years later and now twenty-one, Rin has found one thing he is moderately good at; Rhyme. He had met it during the first few months of wandering the streets of Black Valley, the vibrant lights now home to him. Sid had been a sort of half-joke present from his sister, something she thought fit him perfectly. Despite the snide origins of the gift, it soon cut out a path for Rin's livelihood, playing Rhyme for virtual cash and items, and occasionally pawning off the rare items for a "special price". Sid and Rin's rag-tag team is prone to fights, especially concerning Rin's seemingly retarded courses of actions and Sid's objections to them.

However, as his skills grow and his opponents stronger with it,a twisted side of him has started to emerge - it casts a shadow on his once straightforward path, his footsteps carrying him to the darker alleys. At times, Sid is his only moral interjection, and his words have reached Rin less and less in recent years. Their dedication to Rhyme however holds them together still - neither complain when it comes to the games, and the two are often completely in sync. Because of his lack of skill in most other aspects of life, his dedication to Rhyme can seem - to some- almost desperate.

P e r s o n a l i t y

Clumsy || Childish || Extroverted ||Short-Tempered ||Open Minded || Persistent || Narcissistic || Moody
Rinnosuke's first impression is something along the lines of a complete wimp, or a narcissistic dingus. His capacity for sympathy is shallow at best, with others' misfortunes barely within his peripheral vision. Hardships are usually dealt with sumptuous whining, or often not dealt with at all with a passive lazy attitude - with the exception of things concerning Rhyme. His tenacity and persistence for the never ending journey to a better, greater Rhymer is always on his mind. Though his childish mannerisms are often of negative connotation, it is not without some positive aspects; with the same naivete he is capable of pursuing even the most challenging of opponents in Rhyme, whether or not his victory is assured. This is a rare notion given risk-taking is not something he does very often - he is one to assess a situation to the best of his abilities in great detail before making a move, often one with the least amount of risk.
He can be especially touchy to those he is close to, and doesn't really mind too much about people invading his personal space no matter what degree of kinship he may have with them. Other than his evaluations of the pros and cons of a situation or person, his thoughts and emotions are often readily available to whomever is willing to listen (or unwilling, for that matter). Being extremely moody is one thing that has always plagued him, almost to the point of intermittent depression; in such moods he tends to seclude himself for a few days until he is feeling mentally well enough to be his usual extroverted self. Though not necessarily accepting of principals that stray too far from his own, he is open to other viewpoints concerning a variety of subjects, and can be a fierce defender of those he considers a friend, especially pertaining to members of gemInI.

G e m I n I
Themes: [link] || [link]
The forming of GemInI was something rather gradual, together with Rin's position as its 'leader'. It had initially started as a weekend get together with other Rhyme enthusiasts; none were especially skilled or advanced in their abilities, any many of them came and went. As years passed, a relatively solid platform of Regulars began to surface, eventually interpreted by others as their own team. They are characteristically of an almost chaotic good/evil neutral alignment as far as morals go, doing what needed to be done, when it needed to be done. Though Rin's self identity as a 'leader' is somewhat less pronounced, he still holds great pride in the mosaic of Rhymers that have all joined under the star of GemInI.

R e l a t i o n s h i p s

Good Route:
Sid: Though their route is more of a neutral one, Sid has essentially become the counter argument to Rin's flawed logic. Over the 8 years he as accompanied Rin, the sloth allmate has become integrated in all aspects of his life. Both he and Rin have a mutual dependence; Rin for Sid's level head, and Sid for Rin's bipedal locomotion. Though their relationship could definitely be better, Rin would never harm Sid intentionally and vice-verse. Their bond had been stronger when Rin was younger - as time passed however, Rin has started to take Sid for granted, sometimes overworking the sloth through multiple battles. Only time can tell whether this barely-good route finally falls to a bad one.

Toma Duler:Sometimes, you need someone to slap the sh*t out of you. Toma was there to do that for Rin - since then, they have been quite close, and are regularly seen together, especially if it's time to Rhyme. Though Rin would never say anything in regards to it, Toma is one of the only people he might quit Rhyme for if it would cause trouble for his friend.

Bad Route:
Naila: An old friend Rin had a falling out with. He doesn't like to talk about her much.

T r i v i a
Theme: [link] || Battle Theme: [link] || Voice : [link]
5th generation Indonesian/German mix.
Speaks only Japanese.
Tiramisu is god.
Dislikes milk.
Slightly scared of birds.
Sumi-e style tattoo of the group logo on his back.

I n v e n t o r y

Credits (C): 1000

Rhyme Points (P): 5500

Coil: Yellow w/ White accent

Other items:

* I usually rp through chatroom, skype, or notes! Please ask for my skype name.
I work 6 or 7 days out of the week so my replies might be a little slow...

Check it out! :iconimmersie:
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LightningEffect Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I knew this style looked familiar for a reason. 

It's a tan Ansel //choked
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Also Gen's name is perfect wwwww
SteamDog Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
one of my fav characters for the group so far, nice development and overall design. Really hope you get in!
KDeto Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Hobbyist
Ah, thank you for the kind words!
Best of luck to you, too.
Wishr00m Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist
Your character looks so cool *^*<3
Hope we bought get in~~~~<333
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