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Hachiapp1 by KDeto Hachiapp1 by KDeto

Kitties in lingerie, hahahaha.
Thanks for the invite!

Name: Hachisu
Age: 22
Height: 176cm
Weight: 62kg
Species: Cat
Breed: Birman
Societal Standing: House Cat
Personality: Sweet, calm, lazy, eccentric, moocher, courageous.
If you can get past Hachi's peculiarities, he is a soothing companion to have. He goes with the flow in most situations, and doesn't do much unless he wants to. He also tends to react to things quite slow - someone could say something hurtful to him one day, then he could start crying about it a week later. It's not really clear whether that gap is from him thinking, or his thoughts simple have some sort of lag...
When push comes to shove he can be courageous, though his battery reserves may run out quickly.

Likes: Khaine! Cookies, books, the bookstore, lazing around, naps.
Dislike: Bitter things, mint, heavy foods (i.e. creme sauce, red meat, etc.)
History: Hachisu was born a stray, left on the bookstore's front step one day. The bookstore's owner wanted to keep him, but were too old to keep up with the demands of a newborn - they asked their daughter to help raise the child, as she had much experience with several children of her own. Though things went smoothly for a while, the other children began to pick on the orphan once they had grown older; Hachi was still to young to fend for himself at the time, and once things escalated to physical harm, the bookstore owner had to take Hachi back in at the age of 2. The elderly couple managed to raise Hachi despite the doubts they had initially.
One night when Hachi was around 8 years of age, he saw a dog for the first time - He was an older Husky, and with him he had brought his son. It was in the middle of the night, and yet his Grandpa had welcomed them with open arms. While the father and Hachi's Grandpa talked quietly at the table, Hachi got to know the son, Liam. Liam was the same age as Hachi, and the two of them exchanged stories of what each side of the species thought of the other. At first they had fought, as kids do when their opinions are different. But as years passed and they met every now and then - always in the middle of the night in secrecy - the two began to get along. Liam was a fanatic of Asiatic cultures, and mentioned that Hachisu's name looked beautiful in kanji.
That was the last visit for a while from the dogs. Though Hachi asked Grandpa when their next visit would be, no answer was given. There were several skirmishes going on in the outskirts of a nearby city between dogs and cats. At the time, Hachi was still too young to fully piece together the puzzle, though he knew something was wrong.
It was 8 years later when Hachi met Liam again. Unfortunately his visit was unexpected, and Hachi had dropped books on him from the second floor of the story, thinking he was a robber. It took the rest of the night for Liam to wake up, and Hachi was scolded for hours by his Grandpa. Hidden in the attic room, Hachi observed Liam quietly as he slept. He'd gone through a lot in the time they had been separated, scars glimpsed under the hem of his clothes.
Once conscious, Liam asked Hachi to come away and live with him. Hachi declined - they had not seen each other for 8 years. Grandpa also had a different attitude towards Liam than when they were younger. He badgered Liam to leave once he was up and about, and to never show his face again at the store. Hachi wasn't really sure what to feel about the situation- he was glad to see Liam again, but certainly things had changed since then. During the middle of the night Liam left, handing Hachi a cloth at their parting. Upon it was "Hachisu" in kanji.
He now has a tattoo of it on his back,and though the grandmother had passed away several years before, Hachi still lives at the book store with his Grandpa.

Extra: tba
Best way of contact for Rp: Notes/Google Docs
How does your OC feel about the opposite species? Neutral.

Used this picture as a reference for the cat!
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Muwah!! So cute!!!^3^

Cuddlings: oh hay little kitty! Whats your name?=w=
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-weep- i feel special cuz khaine made it into the like section ;D; -cuddles hachi's pretty face/wheeze- you're so good at drawing cats dude. and don't even try to say the reference helped cuz i fucking use references and they don't do that
MidNightsCastedAngel Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Student General Artist
Aaa he's so fluffyyyy
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heeeeeeeeee what a pretty kitty :iconamgtouchplz:
W that fluffy tail n shit 
awwww yeeehh //pulls on it
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